Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The trip back to Singapore

We took the bus to the airport since there were no taxis available and it was already 1pm, my flight is at 4:40PM but of course I need to line up for the travel fees and the check0in counters. I was able to sleep in the bus only to find out that it was already 2PM and we were still in Makati and it was raining cats and dogs. I felt nervous, I felt something is gonna go wrong. I had to control my thoughts considering I will be facing the immigration officers and be questioned of a month long stay in Singapore. Kent was always very supportive and kept on telling me that everything will turn out fine. We dropped off Mall of Asia and took the taxi there off to the NAIA terminal 3. When we arrived there the departure was around 40% full. When I lined up for ticket printing I was hearing other customer's concern on re-booking their flights because of flights cancelled. It made me nervous again, what if my flight is one of those flights cancelled but good thing it didn't so I was back to the calm mode again. After i paid for my travel tax, I checked in my baggage of 18.2 kg which I thought I was already in excess but was not. Then Kent told me to go, thinking I was still 30 minutes early for the departure. He waited until I text him that we are taking off. 

The next thing he knew, I was waiting in line to speak with the Immigration supervisor because of the 30 month long stay in Singapore. I had to tell the immigration supervisor straight to the point that I'm going on leisure because I can't tell him that I am off for job hunting. They are very strict by the way because of the human trafficking going on. But I didn't dress up as if I'm going to Singapore to be a prostitute or so.hehehe Good thing the supervisor granted me to take the plane and it was the 1st time that I was paged on the airport. I think I was the last passenger that they were waiting for to take off. Finally on the plane, I just slept it over with. When I arrived at the Changi Airport, I got nervous again thinking I will be questioned again. Good thing the lady immigration officer was just friendly and gave the pass of social visit grant for a month. 

It took me almost an hour to wait for my sister and uncle to fetch me, only to find out that my uncle has forgotten all about my arrival. Because of being in a hurry, he just parked his car outside the arrival area where it was not allowed and run off to look for me, so when he found me we were running as fast as we could as well so that he will not be charge for a ticket of S$200. It was a long ride to his condominium here in Ceylon Road. I was amazed with how he was able to set up his place. Will be posting pictures shortly.

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